Name: Aaron Cotter
Area of Service: Associate / Youth Pastor
Phone Number: (641) 569-7024 Ext. 104

In 1985, Aaron Cotter was born. He was raised in upstate New York. Canandaigua, (the jewel of the finger lakes region) was his home town, with a population of just under 10,000. Each of his 6 siblings took after their father. Amos was the only one that followed from his mom’s side of the family. Having a thirst for knowledge Amos picked a subject and immersed himself within. Astronomy was his choice. The branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.

Pastor Amos Cotter

During the summer of 2008, Aaron was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder. (progressive myoclonus epilepsy) Things escalated quickly as he watched himself slowly unravel. At the age of 23, Aaron was essentially told his life was half over. Aaron made up his mind to do the best he could, with what time was left. He chose the best field that would offer the most reward. He enrolled at Elim Bible Institute.

Three weeks after Classes began, the tremors stopped, and did not return. Aaron had his life back. As he garnered his biblical education, he met Marie. His future wife. They moved to Pensacola Florida and Aaron learned he hated heat. One year and two days after the wedding, Amos found himself a father. Little Isaac proved that Marie was nothing more than an incubator because that child is Aaron’s clone. For 5 years Amos worked and toiled everything from minimum wage retail, to loan office work.

In February of 2017, the Cotters moved to Oskaloosa Iowa. They partnered with Pastor Jeremy Empie and his wife Pastor Katie and began the noble task of planting a church. Bethesda House. A place of healing and restoration. Taken from the pages of scripture in John chapter 5. Aaron now serves as the Associate Pastor.